15 October, 2013

Into Nicaragua...

Several years ago, I drove through Central America while trying to chase after one of our tagged peregrines. I learned that you could drive across each of these countries in about a day (two for Mexico). The main slow-downs occurred at each of the border crossings and you could count on a 2-6 hour delay at each frontier. Crowds, lines, permits, insurance documents, passports, customs, inspections, changing dollars, in short, your typical chaos and pandemonium, especially with a US pick-up truck and a four wheeler.

Fortunately for her, Island Girl does not seem to need any permits or visas, so she sails across unencumbered.

Lucky girl.

On Sunday, she flew 373 km (232 miles) and crossed half of Honduras and half of Nicaragua. She veered to the west and at one point was likely within sight of the Pacific Ocean before heading inland again. She has passed through here many times and I think that she knows the area well.

She has gone from 64 degrees north latitude to 12 degrees north in 25 days and is now due west of the northern tip of South America. So she is progressing normally.

On this leg of her migration, she is following the middle route through Central America, away from the coastlines.

She roosted in deforested farmland at 1,421 ' elevation and about 30 km (23 miles) east of Lago Nicaragua and 65 miles east of the capitol city of Managua.

Tomorrow, we'll see if she returns to her hunting ground in Limon, in Costa Rica, as she has over the last two fall migrations.

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