21 October, 2013

Island Girl Spends Her Seventh Night In Limon

As in former years, Island Girl is continuing to remain in her favorite vacation town in Costa Rica. Must be having a good time there.

What fascinates me the most about her behavior right now is that she is so clearly demonstrating what creates the "slow migration" phenomenon among peregrines en route to South America. We know that some of them do not arrive on their wintering grounds until as late as mid-December.

But this shows so well why it takes them so long. They stop off at favored locations for varying amounts of time.

What is so special about Limon for her? What determines how long she stays? Is she taking advantage of an abundance of migrants? Does she stay until the migration of a particular species is over? Or is it just the general migration? What else might hold her there?

Too many questions.

Now if we only had a solar powered micro-camera to satellite to upload images of what she is eating.....

Nice fantasy.

But what tools will the raptor biologists of the future have that we cannot even conceive of today?

The dream has always been to follow one of these birds for the whole migratory route, down and back, but perhaps some future peregrine biologist will be able to follow an individual falcon over its whole life span.

And perhaps one of those people is reading this blog right now as a kid......

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