31 October, 2013

Nearing Guayaquil

Island Girl took her time on Tuesday, flying only 112 km (70 miles) all day. She slowly worked her way south through the central valley, passing banana plantations along the way.

Her signal indicates that she was on the ground in a cultivated field during the night although there was a large tree just 150' away. Perhaps her signal was off a bit. I have a hard time thinking that she would sleep on the ground in this type of habitat, mixed farmland and forest with lots of people.

The roost site was within 250 meters of a main road and about 450' from a building of some kind.

She was about 30 miles north of Guayaquil.

She seems to like this valley as she was about 27 miles from her 2012 fall migration roost and even closer to her 2013 spring roost at only 5 miles away.

Anyone in Ecuador want to visit this field and take a picture for us?

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