28 October, 2013

South through Colombia

Yesterday, Island Girl continued to fly across most of the rest of Colombia. She is definitely taking her time this fall and performing the classic "slow migration" pattern of adult peregrines. She migrated 299 km (186 miles) through the rain-forested coastal plain of Colombia.

She eventually moved east towards the foothills and finally roosted about 50 miles inland from the coast. She chose a site at 2,660' elevation and within the Biotopo Natural Reserve Rainforest.

Once again her roost site was very near the one from last fall, in this case only 10 miles east. Both were just above the main road down to Tumaco, Highway 10.

Llast year she was here on Day 24 of her migration. This year, it is her 36th day of migration. So, once again, she is taking her time.

Is she taking more time because she is getting older? Or is she taking her time because she is more confident in her hunting abilities and in no rush? I imagine that the extra time in any given area is ultimately beneficial to her. It lets her learn the area, study the behavior of prey species, recognize effective ways to hunt them and just generally get to know her route more intimately.

Sort of like us when we get acquainted with our neighborhoods or cities. A better analogy might be learning where all the restaurants and motels are on your local freeway when you are taking a long road trip.

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