11 November, 2013

Christian's Comments About Punta Patache

My Chilean friend comments....

"...that´s a great spot...She might be eating phalaropes, Inca Terns, storm petrels, diving petrels, Franklin Gulls...plovers and sanderlings!!!...you know good stuff all over!!..

I´m sure they get attached to places where they have good experiences in previous trips, they like to go back there.."

They certainly do, as Island girl is teaching us all.

This also explains a lingering mystery regarding migrant peregrines in South America. Some experts had puzzled over why they would see a particular falcon in one area for awhile during late fall and then it would disappear.

Fifteen years ago, we all thought peregrines raced back to their winter territories as fast as they could. Satellite telemetry has taught us that the opposite is often true.

Many of these birds take a long time to reach their ultimate destinations, some not arriving until mid-December. We had always thought that the migration was pretty much over by early November.

Hence the new term "slow migration" for peregrines.

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