16 November, 2013

Close to Home....

On Thursday, Island Girl flew south for another 431 km (268 miles) towards home. She migrated down the inland desert passing near the town Vallenar before reaching the incredibly beautiful city of La Serena and then on past Coquimbo.

Her signal shows that she reached the Pacific coast once again but by afternoon she had headed inland to roost on a dry ridge in the foothills of the coastal range at 2,739' elevation. The site was located 27 km (17 miles) from the ocean.

So, on Thursday night, she was only 431 km (268 miles) north of her southern home.

She could easily cover this in a day but let's see where she slept last night.

Did she push on to Putu or not?

If not, there is a good chance she will arrive at Putu today, maybe even as I am writing this account.

So stay tuned to this remarkable peregrine...

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