07 November, 2013

Heavy Desert Now...

Island Girl is in the heart of the Atacama Desert once again. She flew south from Nazca, covering 187 km (116 miles) across some of the driest desert habitat in the world. No vegetation, very few people and extremely harsh conditions.

Except for the valleys.

She roosted 20 miles inland again, this time at 5,634 feet elevation at the top of a dramatic canyon extending from a broad mesa down into a river valley.

If you can, give this place a look on Google Earth. It is really an amazing location. In fact, I think this part of Peru is one of the most beautiful places on earth (if you happen to like deserts, which I do).

If you have not figured out how to get her position from the website to Google Earth, here is how.

Go to her tracking map on our website. Go to her last roosting position (in blue) and click on it. A "balloon" will pop up. This contains all of her information for that point. At the bottom, you'll find her latitude and longitude data. Highlight it and click "Copy".

Then go to the Google Earth site. Bring it up and paste her lat/long data in the upper left box of GE. Click on Search and it will take you to her last roost. This will show you more information and in greater detail.

If you examine the canyon where she roosted, you'll see a meandering white line. I thought it was a road at first but it is a stream bed.

In the Atacama where it presumably never rains. A stream bed. How old is this????

If you follow the stream bed down into the canyon, you will see where it stops along the way. This is a vertical drop or waterfall.

Fascinating location. So fun to see where she goes.

She was about 217 km (135 miles) north of Arequipa so she is rapidly approaching Chile once again.

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