14 November, 2013

In the Heart of an Extreme Desert...

On Day 54, Island Girl migrated south for another 320 km (198 miles), flying over the town of Tocopilla at 0900 and traveling at 47 kpm (29 mph). She continued on across the Atacama, shifting her route inland as she passed by the beautiful city of Antofagasta. looks like she may have been too far inland by then to see it.

She headed up into the Andes foothills for some reason, perhaps passing somewhere near the famous "Hand in the Desert" statue along the Pan-Am Highway.

She eventually roosted right out in the heart of the driest desert in the world. Extremely arid.

The site was located about 30 miles inland at 7,752' elevation. Maybe it was cooler up there?

The roost appears to be on the side of a very old cinder cone or volcano, rounded off long ago.

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