11 November, 2013

Into Chile...

On Friday, Island Girl flew 232 km (144 miles) along the coast, completing her crossing of Peru in only 8 days before flying into northern Chile. This was her 50th day of migration. She is taking far more time this year than last. Is this a function of advancing age, more self-confidence in her migration abilities, or some other reason?

She passed by Ilo on the coast and Tacna on the plains of Peru before landing in Chile for the night. She was just across the border, only 7 miles into Chile and 10 miles inland from the coast and well east of Arica, the northernmost town in Chile.

As usual, she roosted out in the open desert on a hillside at 2,200' elevation above the Rio Lluta valley. Perfect place to hunt as usual. Smart bird.

This is where she makes the continental bend, switching her heading from SE to due S to finally reach the sand dunes of Putu.

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