07 November, 2013

Island Girl Back Online

Thanks for your patience during the black-out period.

We had received a report that some individuals in the Lima area might have been interested in trying to capture Island Girl for whatever reason. So we thought it best not to display her locations until she was well past that city.

By the way, if any of these individuals happen to be reading this blog, I would really like to communicate with you and learn why you wanted to catch her. Perhaps you could reply and let us all know?

Here is the current update.

She left the Chiclayo roost and flew south for 219 km (136 miles) following her usual route through the foothills of the Andes. She flew past Trujillo before dropping in to the usual irrigated river valley. In this case, she stayed low near the coast and only a mile from the Pan-American Highway. She did not roost in the mountains.

Maybe she killed late in the day.

She roosted at 1,372' on the west side of a high, rocky "cerro", or hill, facing the ocean. Google Earth shows the huge area of cultivated fields surrounding her roost area. Phenomenal place to hunt.

There is also a nice photo available on GE showing the flat topped, arid hill.

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Paul said...

Perhaps you can publish that report? sounds like a very idiotic thing to belive...