07 November, 2013

Island Girl Continues Down the Coast of Peru

On Sunday, Island Girl followed her normal coastal route as we have come to expect in this area of the world.

She is staying close to the ocean and all of the rich river valleys that are interspersed along her way. She knows exactly what she is doing. Great route choices in terms of the shortest distances and an abundance of food resources.

She flew 292 km (181 miles) passing Chimbote and arriving in the afternoon on a ridge directly above a heavily cultivated side valley. You can clearly see an orchard of trees of some kind, walnuts, almonds, avocados???

Hunting here? Looks perfect to me.

From there, she flew inland to roost in the foothills again, this time on the side of a rocky ridge directly above the Rio Pativilca. She could look right down on the water and fields from her perch.

She was only 172 km (107 miles) from Lima and is progressing normally.

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