11 November, 2013

Hanging Out at the Point

Island Girl decided to remain in the Punta Patache area for another day, similar to her behavior here last year. Must be something here that holds her interest.

She slept on a rock face situated about half way up the slope. What a view of the sunset she must have had last night. The roost was at the 977' level, open but well protected due to the vertical rock. Nice to see this behavior as we know there are many foxes along this part of the coast. They definitely eat birds.

You can see many trails zig-zagging up the slope here on GE. Something is using them. I wonder what?

Also check out the large ore ship moored to several buoys over at the port near the point, one hatch open to receive the material.

Cool place. Well, warm really, but enticing. What a place to explore.

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