10 November, 2013

Mollendo-Mejia on the coast of Peru

This is an area famous for its abundant birdlife. Sandy Pacific beaches, abundant marshy areas from the Rio Tambo and the usual cultivated valleys. Easy living for a peregrine.

She flew 230 km (143 miles) passing the turnoff to Arequipa and flying down the coastal terrace. She is making good progress crossing Peru and is now getting close to the next and last country she will traverse to get to her "winter" home.

She roosted on a side hill overlooking farmland at 502' elevation. She slept right at the foot of the mountains and only 4 miles inland from the ocean. It seems the distance is not the important thing. Seems to me that she likes to be on arid, open ridges overlooking valleys and away from people. Foothills wherever they begin their climb into the mountains.

Thirty years ago, my friend and colleague, Tom Maechtle and I trapped a migrant peregrine on a soccer field right in town here.

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