07 November, 2013


On Tuesday, she was moving well south of Asia by 0900. She continued on down the coastal terrace for another 291 km (181 miles), passing San Vincente del Canete, Chincha Alta, Pisco, Paracas and Ica. She flew all the way to Nazca, the site of the world famous geo-glyphs cut into the desert floor, before stopping for the day.

She roosted in some very rough terrain about 4 miles inland from Nazca on another rocky mountainside at 3,993' elevation.

She followed the front of the foothills all day, i.e. where the foothills reach the desert floor, for this segment of her journey. Unlike some of her earlier roosts in Peru, she slept quite far inland, some 34 miles, from the ocean.

This was her 47th day of migration. 

After 5 days in this country, she was about 2/3rds of the way across Peru.

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