17 November, 2013

One Last Night...

Island Girl flew ever nearer to her wintering range on Friday, covering 284 km (177 miles) along the coast of central Chile. She passed by Illapel, Los Vilos, and Quintero before flying by Vina Del Mar (the Chilean Riviera) and hillside city of Valparaiso (site of the worlds largest recorded earthquake).

She kept on going until she flew over the port city of San Antonio (where we have shipped our truck in the past) and finally put in for the night in Santo Domingo, a really charming summer home enclave for many people from Santiago. We have been through here many, many times in the past and it is sort of like home.

Island Girl roosted in a tree right in someones front yard. I wish I could have been there to tell them exactly who she was.

 This hill top neighborhood overlooks the major estuary where Alvaro Jaramillo photographed her a couple of years ago.

Really close now....

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