07 November, 2013

South Past Lima..

On Monday, Island Girl was apparently sitting out among the gravel braided channels in the middle of the Rio Pativilca at 0900.

Since her transmitter speed was shown as 0 mph, we can assume she was perched there.

I am thinking bath. Middle of the river. Running water. Desert. Morning. Warm, likely sunny.

Good chance of it anyway.

Could also be that she was simply feeding on prey or something else going on. We can't know for certain but it is always fun to speculate.

After her stay in the river, she headed south in earnest, passing by Huacho, Chancay, and Lima. She kept right on going, cvoering 256kn (174 miles) until she reached the Asia area, well known as one of the great peregrine trapping areas in Peru. It is located about 101 km (63 miles) south of Lima.

On the Google Earth image, you can see the usual rows of white, parallel buildings that dot the coast of Peru. These are chicken farms which attract many of the local doves and pigeons. Lots and lots of food here.

She roosted right out in the open desert on relatively flat ground at 380' elevation and a mile from the Pan-Am Highway, and 2-3 miles from the ocean.

So vulnerable on the ground like that.

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