22 April, 2014

Comments from Lynn Oliphant, Peregrine Expert in Saskatchewan, Canada

Lynn wrote me this e-mail today and I wanted to share it with the group. He was introducing me to another migration person in Canada.

" Bud has a PTT bird, Island Girl, starting her 6th migration from Chile to Baffin Island where she breeds. 

Paul is working at a fantastic Hawk Count site in southern Manitoba that saw 210 peregrines during spring migration last year. This was a record since normally the count did not usually extend past mid April and most of the peregrines were going through after that date but last year it went until XXX (date missing) and 210 PEFA were seen!

 Island girl didn't start her migration from southern Chile until 16 April this year, is still in Chile and has now covered 1811 km, about 360 km/day. 

Over the past  5 years she has passed through southern Saskatchewan (2x) and  Manitoba (3x). She does not appear to have actually passed the Pembina Valley count point, but In 2010 she was located in the Pembina Valley just south of the Canada/US border. She then went a bit further west. 

She tends to leave northern Manitoba the last few days of May. I hear from Rob Wheeldon that several peregrines are back on breeding sites in Mbanitoba already and last Saturday there was at least one on territory here in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 

There appears to be an amazing difference in timing of migration between birds breeding in southern Canada and the far north. Looking forward to seeing the final PEFA count for P. Valley for this year (already at 32) and whether Island Girl finally uses the Valley. 

Cheers, and Happy Migration, 


In Washington State, where I live, peregrines usually lay their eggs during the last week of March. In parts of California, eggs can go down in February.

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