28 April, 2014

Flying Past the Highest Mountain inPeru

On Sunday, Island Girl maintained her inland route, flying across the dry foothills of the Atacama Desert once again.

She winged her way over another 205 km (127 miles) before stopping in the dry desert hills to the NE of Chimbote, a major coastal town in Peru.

During the day, she passed the high, massive mountains of Peru, including Huascaran, towering 22,132' into the sky.

Check out some Google Earth images for quite a show. Remarkably stunning part of the earth.

Pretty sure Island Girl could have looked right and seen it.

She has flown up there before and is familiar with the area.

Saturday night, she selected what is a very consistent type of roost. She slept on a dry, rocky ridge, well away from people, at 3,171' elevation.

She was about 175 km (108 miles) behind her 2013 position at this time, so she is trailing a bit.

Do peregrines slow down on migration as they age?

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