16 April, 2014

Heading North.....

Sitting here in my office at 10:15 tonight and I got a late phone call from Don McCall.

This is always how it begins.

Island Girl departed from the Putu area today (Wednesday 16 April) and flew at least 300 km (186 miles) north, passing the coastal town of Valparaiso.

Don reports:

"Island Girl has begun her 2014 northern migration.  Sometime between 1300Z and 2100Z today (Wednesday 16 April) she flew north for 300 km (186 mi), passing Valparaiso during the late morning or early afternoon hours.  She was still airborne at 2100Z, flying at a speed of 71 km/h (44 mph), so her first night's roost will be even farther north.

This is now the 6th year that we've been tracking her."

The time difference between Santiago and London (Zulu) is 4 hours. So she left between 0900 and 1700 (5 PM) local time. Considering how far she flew, I'd expect she left earlier rather than later in the day.

This is her second latest date of depature with 17 April being the latest.

So she flew north past Pichilemu, the famous surfing town, San Antonio, where we shipped our truck in past years, Santiago, a couple of hours inland from the coast, Valparaiso, site of the worlds largest recorded earthquake and a recent major fire, Vina Del Mar, the Chilean Riviera, Quillota and La Ligua.

After 186 miles she kept right on going. We don't have her midnight reading as yet so we don't know how far she flew on her first day out, but 186 miles is a good first jump.

Go Island Girl, go!

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Susan Miller said...

This is thrilling news! I've been watching frg.org for news of her departure for a week. I feel like a protective parent, wishing her safety as she travels to her breeding ground.

-- Susan Miller