20 April, 2014

Island Girl Reaches Antofagasta

She flew another 285 km (177 miles) yesterday, following the coastal route all the way. She passed Taltal and kept right on going until she reached the outskirts of the city.

This wonderful city (one of my favorites in South American) is loaded with pigeons (and great memories) and she may have headed down there to hunt before roosting.

Just as possible, she may have stopped off inland at the Pan Am Highway junction with 28, the road leading down the hill to Anto.

I know this area very well as I have chased birds through here several times before. It is an industrial area (cement plant, etc.) and although not pretty, it has lots of pigeons.

She slept on a rocky mountain side overlooking the road to Antofagasta. Elevation was just 2,409'. I know this very hillside.

The road drops rapidly down to the coast from here. She was about 8.7 km (5 miles) from the salt water.

Last year, she slept not that far from here, just south of this roost, about 58 km (36 miles) away on the exact same night (i.e. day 4 of her migration).

Pretty consistent so far.

And, by the way, I'd like to say a special hello to our fans in Mr. Walser's Science class at La Venture Middle School in Mt. Vernon, WA. Hope you are all enjoying Island Girls great adventure!

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Allen Gardner said...

Reading a morning report about Island Girl certainly makes for a great day! Go Island Girl!