29 April, 2014

Leaving the Desert in Northern Peru

Island Girl continues to follow her usual route up the coast of South America again this year. Her choice of a "corridor" is remarkably similar to former years. There does not appear to be a great deal of variation in her behavior during this early segment of her migration.

She traveled 233 km (145 miles) on Monday and is now approaching the end of the great deserts of the Pacific coast of this continent.

She was still SE of Chiclayo and trailing her position from last year on this migration day (#13) by 268 km (167 miles).

If she holds true to form, she will follow the edge of the foothills and veer north towards Ecuador without crossing the dry thorn forests of the coastal Piura Desert. She has always taken this short cut before.

She roosted on her last night in the desert on a low shoulder of a dry, desert mountainside at only 1,305', fairly low but still 31 km (19 miles) inland from the sea.

She has successfully traversed the Atacama yet again.

We should all celebrate!

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