25 April, 2014

Up to Nazca....

...the area of the famous geoglyphs or lines of the desert.

She flew 330 km (205 miles) NW yesterday and reached the outskirts of Nazca, where she roosted for the night on a desert hillside just 4.7 km (3 miles) above town.

Likely she could see the lights of town all night..

Google Earth has a great picture placed about 1.4 km to the NW of her roost. Check it out and you will see one of the more famous images, called the "Astronaut".Worth a look and she was very near to it apparently.

More remarkable yet, she roosted only 27 km (17 miles) from this location last spring, again on the same day of migration.

And last fall, she also slept right above town, only 9.7 km (6 miles) from last nights roost. So there is amazing little cluster of roosts right in this area. Chance?

I had always wondered if peregrines ever used the exact same roosts on migration. So far, we are not seeing this consistently, although she uses the same perches during her staging period in Limon, Costa Rica each fall.

Most of the data show that peregrines do roost in some of the same general areas in different seasons.

Nazca is about 63 km (48 miles) inland.

Since Island Girl is now approaching Lima, we will be doing our usual black-out period until she moves past the city.

We do this for her safety as advised by our Peruvian colleagues. The concern is that someone may trap her to obtain the transmitter and her band.

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