24 May, 2014

Across the Grasslands

On Wednesday, Island Girl left Nebraska and crossed into South Dakota. She continued flying for another 494 km (307 miles) and it appears she flew right over the Black Hills and within view of Rapid City. Her line was very close to Mount Rushmore.

She is flying over some of the best and most extensive grasslands in the west, including BuffaloGap National Grasslands, Grand River National Grasslands and the Little Missouri National Grassland.

She kept flying on into North Dakota until she roosted for the night near Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Hard to tell what she slept on although since her position was at the intersection of two fields, I'd suspect a fence post.

Elevation was 2,763'.

She was near Highway 85 south of Belfield, ND.

Check out the photographs on Google Earth near her roost site to get an idea of just how beautiful these grasslands really are.

Wish I was chasing along with her.

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