20 May, 2014

Across The Great Plains....

On Monday, Day 34, Island Girl flew north across the rest of Texas, continued on through the Oklahoma panhandle and nearly crossed all of Kansas. She flew past both Wichita and Dodge City before holding up near the town of Osborne.

She had another big day, migrating another 724 km (450 miles) across the Great Plains. She is now two days ahead of her position last year at this time.

The 2013 roost site (day 36) was only 45 miles east of her on Lake Waconda.

She slept in a really interesting place on a winding tributary on the South Fork of the Solomon River at 1,625' elevation. She chose to sleep in a grove of tall trees, possibly cottonwoods, on a tight river bend and was nearly.surrounded by water.

It is worth looking  at the GE image for this one.

She was only 568'  from a farmhouse.

As usual, I wish the people living there could know what an important visitor they had out in their trees for the night.

I wonder if she saw them.

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