27 May, 2014

Crossing Into Nunavut Territory

On Sunday, Island Girl flew NE, leaving Manitoba behind and barely crossing into Nunavut Territory once again. She did not travel far, covering only 218 km (135 miles) for the day.

Weather at Churchill to her south was 31-41 degrees F. with NE winds at 7 mph at noon today. Sunrise 4:23 AM with sunset at 10:01 PM.

We are just 24 days from the summer solstice. She is likely to be incubating her eggs on that date.

This is her 40th day of migration and she has more than made up for some lag time in South America.  She was five days ahead of her position from last year at this point in time.

She is now on a NE heading, pointing directly at her eyrie or nest on Baffin Island.

In the past, she has often flown directly across the ice in the middle of  Hudson Bay. This year, she seems to be staying a bit further north than normal so she may cross higher in latitude than in previous years.

Canadian weather shows most of the Bay still frozen over, although thawing is occurring along the western margins of the shoreline near Island Girls route.

Large parts of Baffin Channel appear to be ice free at this time.

She roosted at 535' elevation in an area of tundra and rocks surrounded by tarns, lakes, rivers and streams so typical of this area.

To illustrate the remote nature of her position, the Google Earth images here are very low resolution.We can't really tell too much about her actual  roost site although you can be sure it is not a tree, cell tower or radio antenna.

She slept about 100 km (62 miles) west of  Hudson Bay.

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