11 May, 2014

Crossing Panama

Island Girl burned across most of Panama on Friday, flying 319 km (198 miles) for the day.

I keep on thinking that she must know this area so well by now having made this journey at least 16 times in her life.

If you look at her route, it is apparent that she knows the exact way to minimize her flying time here. That is, of course, if the data accurately depict her true route.

From Bayano, her line goes directly across Panama City and it appears that she most likely crossed the Panama Canal there, and I like to imagine that she flew right over the famous hawk migration site at Ancon Hill in the heart of the city.

She was actually heading WSW during this part of her journey, shifting her route over 90 degrees.

But this change of heading took her right across the spine of the country and onward to the Caribbean coastline where she always goes.

Incidentally, she just entered the southernmost range of the Red-tailed Hawk. Most people do not know that this familiar species of North American hawk ranges so far south.

She roosted on the coastal plain just east of the Bocas Del Toro at just 82' elevation.

To remind you all how different it is where she stopped for the night, the nearby river is named Alligator Creek.

This location was only 5 km (3 miles) from a former roost used in the fall of 2012.

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Anonymous said...

Our family reads these posts every day. We are quite involved with Island Girl's migration now and wish her the best possible journey. The blog is informative and beautifully written. Thanks for all you do!