13 May, 2014

Guatemala and Lago de Atitlan

Island Girl flew WNW into Guatemala yesterday (Monday), covering 274 km (170 miles) during her day. Her line suggested that she flew right over the capitol, Guatemala City.

Afterwards, she stayed high in the mountains but stopped off at world  famous Lago de Atitlan or Lake Atitlan, home of the now extinct Giant Grebe of Guatemala, a bird whose demise was documented in a book by Anne La Bastille.

Have a look at this lake on Google Earth.

It is an extraordinary place, especially the high volcano on the west side.

Island Girl perched on the lakeshore during the day on a short, forested slope just west of the tiny town of San Marcos La Laguna. She had landed just above the water and below the main road, perhaps after bathing or hunting.

From there, she flew west, rising up into the high mountains above the lake. She roosted high on a ridge in pristine tropical forest at 6,853' elevation.

From this vantage point she could have seen the sun setting over the Pacific to her west and the lake below to the east.

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