21 May, 2014

Into Nebraska (Migrating 1,725 Miles in Just Four Days)

On Tuesday, Island Girl flew another 483 km (300 miles) and took a surprising turn to the NW.

She crossed into Nebraska and passed over Lake Oglalla on a bearing towards the Black Hills of South Dakota.

She eventually stopped in NW Nebraska, almost to the border with Wyoming.
Her track was near many famous American landmarks including Chimney Rock, Scott's Bluff and especially the Sand Hills of Nebraska.

The Sand Hills are a unique area loaded with a profusion of small lakes and ponds. Although I have never been there, the area must support a huge number of birds at this time of year.

Check out the pictures on Google Earth.

She eventually roosted on a tall radio antenna (look for the shadow) just off Highway 385 north of Alliance. Elevation was 4,119'.

The antenna was located among agricultural lands just west of the Sand Hills.

Puzzling that she veered to the NW.

Over the last four days, this falcon has migrated a total of 1,725 miles (Saturday 424, Sunday 551, Monday 450 and Tuesday 300 miles).

She always seems to turn on the speed when she crosses the Great Plains.

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