14 May, 2014

Into Southern Mexico

On Tuesday, after four weeks of migration, Island Girl flew west from the mountains of Guatemala and dropped down to the Pacific seacoast. 

She turned NW and followed the coast all the way into southern Mexico, covering 364 km (226 mi) for the day. 

This is her normal route through this part of the world. She is almost predictable after we have followed her migration pathway so closely all these years.

She roosted off the main highway, Route 200, and slept at 1,090'elevation in sparse, dry forest about 19 km (12 mi) inland. 

She was east of the city of San Pedro Tapanatepec and only 59 km (36 miles) from her position last year on this day. So she is catching up now and covering some ground in her  flight north.

We will soon be seeing her daily distances grow once she passes Veracruz.

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