25 May, 2014

Into the Wilderness Again

Island Girl did not tarry in Saskatchewan this year.

She just headed north and flew on to Manitoba and into the boreal forest, covering another 493 km (306 miles) for the day.

She flew near  the mining town of Flin Flon where I chased Sparrow King, another of our earlier tagged peregrines, so many years ago. Just missed him too.

Island Girl is now back in true wilderness although there was a lone dirt road 6 miles to her west. She has left humanity behind for another season and will see few, if any, humans until next fall.

She is in an area of forest interspersed with many lakes and streams and lots of rocky hilltops scraped clean by the last glaciation.

Her roost was located in a grove of trees near McNight Lake at 1,176'elevation.

She is running about four days ahead of her position at this time last year.

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j666laz said...

No GPS nobody to follow. What a bird! My wife and I are both proud of our adopted falcon.