01 May, 2014

Island Girl Returns to the Forest

On Tuesday, Island Girl flew another 225 km (140 miles) across northern Peru, staying up in the foothills as she usually does here. As expected, she avoided the Piura desert.

After all of these years spent following her migration, she is now almost becoming predictable at times. I find this both amazing and fulfilling as that was always the purpose of this study, to know her so well that we could know what she would do next in terms of her migration.

She has finally left the dry Atacama behind and is now flying over forested terrain, not the classic neo-tropical rain forest as yet but rather the dry forests of  this transition area.

She slept on a forested ridge line among the foothills, her first contact with trees in 10-12 days. There is running water in the valleys here. Her elevation was 2,578'.

The nearest town was Chulucanas to her west.

And again, she chose to sleep well away from people.

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