09 May, 2014

Leaving South America

Island Girl flew along the Pacific coast of Colombia for another 347 km (216 miles) while passing the Darien region  to her east.

 She has arrived in Panama once again, officially leaving South America and transitioning into "America Central".

She crossed the Golfo San Miguel on the Pacific side before heading due north across Panama towards the Caribbean.

Island Girl often does this in Panama as she prepares to make the hard 90 degree turn to the west to continue on her primarily land-based migration.

She flew into the low coastal mountains and roosted again in dense tropical rain forest at 720' elevation.

She slept east of Lago Bayano and a short distance (23 km/15 miles) south of the famous San Blas Islands on the Caribbean side of Panama.

And I wish to say hello to all of our friends in Panama!

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