20 May, 2014

New Record for the Season

Island Girl set a new record for the northbound 2014 migration on Sunday.

She flew a total of 887 km (551 miles) for the day, crossing much of the state of Texas after leaving Mexico.

She eventually landed near the small town of  Post, Texas, located SE of Lubbock.

This area is arid, flat ground without much in the way of trees.

Hard to tell exactly what she roosted in from the GE photos. Looks like short, widely spaced vegetation of some sort.

Anyone out there know what kind of vegetation exists near Lubbock?

She settled in for the night at 2,387'elevation.

Don McCall, who is a pilot, stresses that the heavy tail winds typical for spring in this area helped her along quite a bit.

Is this why she chooses this route?

Having covered so much distance, Island Girl is now slightly ahead of her position at this time last year.

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