19 May, 2014

Serious Migration Through Northern Mexico

As expected, Island Girl really turned on the speed across the deserts of northern Mexico on Saturday.

She flew a  blistering 682 km (424 miles), her longest distance this season.

She passed the coastal towns of Tuxpan and Tampico before leaving the coast and taking the inland route.

This route always puzzles me as we know there is abundant prey available along the Gulf Coast.

But she always crosses inland into the dry desert and thorn forest instead, passing near by Ciudad Victoria on her way.

She finally came to roost in dry, desert scrub forest at only 625' elevation and about 190 km (118 miles) inland from the Gulf. She was just east of Monterrey.

Her position on Saturday night was only 113 km (70 miles) from the US border and just a bit south of the latitude of Brownsville, Texas.

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