19 May, 2014

Thursday A Slow Day

Sorry for the delay in reporting.

I was out of state this weekend.

One of  my activities was to visit a new peregrine nest site in our state capitol of Olympia,Washington, a few hours south of me.

Aaron Barna had discovered a pair of peregrines nesting in an old derelict Bald Eagle nest in a Douglas Fir tree near the Governors Mansion. This is quite rare for our state and I thought that I would have a look.

Remarkable. Third tree nesting  record for our state that I know of so far. More records are also showing up in California too.

So many peregrines now that the cliff nesting sites are taken???

On Thursday, Island Girl took her time crossing the rest of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. She flew only  75 km (47 miles) for the day and finally put down in an agricultural field located among patches of forest. The GE photos show a beautiful, forested area with some large rivers in this region. Check out the nearby Bosque De La Sabana.

For those who have not been to Mexico, the beauty of the countryside can be overwhelming. Just full of gorgeous places.

She slept south of the town of Jaltepec near Hwy 147 and only 11 miles from a roost site last year.

She stayed low, roosting at just 411' on the coastal plain.

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