04 May, 2014

Up the Central Valley of Ecuador

Island Girl flew 186 km (116 miles) north on Friday, passing east of the city of Guayaquil  and no doubt dipping a wing towards our friends Nancy and Verhilio in that city. She then headed up the central valley of Ecuador and the Guayas River.

This is a low lying, well watered agricultural area with an abundance of farming activity.

Very different from the desert.

She is remarkably consistent in choosing her pathway through this region. She always takes this route through Ecuador and she must know this area well by now.

There is an interesting cluster of her roosts in this area.

Friday night, she roosted north of the town Babahoyo and south of Quevedo.

Last fall, she slept only 12 km (7.8 miles) south of that position.

Last spring, she slept only 21km (13.2 miles) from there.

The fall before, she slept just 41 km (25 miles) from there.

So she often stops off around this area.

Makes me wonder what prey species she is eating now.

So Friday night, she slept in a tree in a flat agricultural field at only 34' elevation.

Nearby, there were some large ponds with flat shallow shorelines. This would have been a great place for a bath.

Since she slept just 1.5 degrees south of the equator, it was very likely her last night in the southern hemisphere until next fall.

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