18 September, 2014

Go Island Girl!

1800 PST, 18 September 2014

Just got the long awaited call from Don McCall that Island Girl has started her sixth southbound migration towards Chile.

Here is his first message regarding her departure.

"Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the 6th year of tracking Island Girl from Baffin Island to Chile (we already have 6 complete tracks for her northern migration).

Sometime probably yesterday morning (17 September) she headed due south, crossing the Hudson Strait and continuing over the Ungava Peninsula of northern Quebec.  Her first recorded GPS position since leaving Baffin Island was at 2100Z yesterday (17 Sep), by which time she had already flown 457 km (284 mi).   She roosted near that spot last night, then continued south today – we now have one additional GPS fix for 1300Z (18 Sep).  The website maps have been updated.

We will now resume daily updates during her southern migration.

Don McCall"

So here we go on another migration following this remarkable falcon on her odyssey south. 

Enjoy, everyone!


Kanit said...

How wonderful. Safe travels Island Girl!

Bud Anderson said...

Thanks Kanit. You are a true peregrine fan. Nice to know you are along for the ride.