21 September, 2014

Holding up.....weather?

Island Girl has remained in the same general area, pausing in her migration for unknown reasons.

Don reports...

"Hi Everyone,

Island Girl has remained in approximately the same place for the past couple of days, presumably because of bad weather.  We are currently receiving limited Doppler (non-GPS) data but her batteries are still not fully charged.  On Friday (19 Sep) the data points indicate movement of about 13 km (8 mi) but of course she probably covered more than that while flying around in the same general area.

We still don't have complete data for Saturday (20 Sep)."

So something is slowing her down right now although we are not exactly sure what.

Lack of sun is normal up there at this time of year and we often have limited charge on her transmitter because of the solar cells receiving so little charge.

Once she gets further south, the batteries usually charge quickly.

Oh yeah...no worries. She is still moving around.

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