15 September, 2014

Welcome to the 2014 Southbound Migration

Welcome back everyone.

Island Girl (IG) is still beeping away on Baffin Island and we expect her to leave any day now, certainly within the next 10 days.

As most of you know, she will be starting the SIXTH southbound leg of her migration back to Chile while tagged with a GPS solar powered satellite transmitter (thanks again to Paul Howey and the group at Microwave Telemetry in Maryland).

We are all pretty impressed that her transmitter is still working and hope that it continues for the foreseeable future.

Island Girl is now at least nine years old and possibly older. Kathy Gunther first caught her in Chile as an adult in 2008 at Putu. She was a full molted adult at that time, so we know she was hatched at least by 2006 and perhaps earlier. Tundra peregrines often establish their winter ranges during their first fall/winter.

Kathy caught her again in March 2009 and we tagged Island Girl at that time.

At this point, we expect that IG has completed a minimum of eight migrations to Chile during her life, including her juvenile year.

We have been able to follow her for almost six of those intercontinental journeys. In the next ten days, she should start to complete the southbound return leg back to Chile once again.

With luck, that should produce data for a full six round trip migrations for a tundra peregrine, a record we think.

So we hope you all enjoy the flight south.

Thanks again to Don McCall, Mark Prostor, the Southern Cross team and all of the members of the Falcon Research Group who crowd funded this effort before it was called by that name.


Sue Cottrell said...

You go girl!

Allen Gardner said...

I have been anxiously waiting for confirmation that we were still getting a signal.
That being said, let's buckle up and prepare for a lift off!!
Hope to see her in Texas. That being very unlikely, I will top my hat to the sky in honor of our "Island Girl" when I know she is near. Thanks again Bud!

Anonymous said...

We wish her a safe journey.