25 April, 2015

Flying Through the Atacama

Island Girl continued on her migration as usual, crossing one of the most intense deserts in the world. She flew another 272 km (169 miles) as she went past Nazca once again.

This time, she kept going NW until she reached another agricultural valley near the town of Palpa.

She roosted just north of a trio of intersecting drainages, all of which have abundant agricultural fields, the key to this route.

She chose an arid, severe habitat to sleep in at 3,385 feet elevation and only 7 km (4.5 miles) from the Pan Am Highway as she often does here due to the geography of the Peruvian coastal terrace.

She was about halfway between Nazca and Ica and is nearing the famous Paracas Reserve and the town of Pisco, which was devastated a few years back by a large earthquake.

Similar to what is happening in Nepal tonight. Having experienced this type of event, I can only wish all of the people of that country (and the surrounding ones too) my deepest sympathy.


Pam Rhine said...

Do we know how old peregrine falcons get?

Pacho said...

Island Girl is approaching Panama, I wish that I could get a glimpse of her at least.

Alan said...

Hi Bud,
See Island Girl is moving along, but don't see any recent posts from you. Really enjoy them, but not sure I'm following correctly. Last post I can see is from 25 Apr.
Cheers, Alan Beske

Pacho said...

Island Girl arrived in Panama yesterday, I'll keep my eyes in the sky just in case.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Pacho for keeping us updated