24 April, 2015

Island Girl arrives in Peru

She flew 315 km (196 miles) on Wednesday, leaving Chile behind once again. She apparently followed the coastline as she usually does here although the signal indicates an over water route. I believe that is a function of the local geography here as she has been on a northerly heading all the way up the Chilean coast and now has to make the turn to the NW where she "turns the bend" into Peru.

This area has always fascinated me, as migrant peregrines must make a decision here. Alter the heading to NW and follow the coast line or keep going straight north and fly up into the high Andes as Felipe, our other tagged adult peregrine did with fatal results.

But Island Girl appears to have made the turn and ended up roosting well out in the desert near the main road leading uphill from coastal Ilo to Moquegua in the foothills of Peru.

Her roost site was 41 km (25 miles) inland at an elevation of 4,124'. She slept only 4 km (2.5 miles) from the Pan-Am Highway which heads inland here.

Still making consistent time on her journey north.

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