24 April, 2015

North Along the Pacific

Sorry for the delayed report. Computer was in for repairs.

Island Girl continued to follow her coastal route north on Tuesday, just as she did at this point last year.

She left Antofagasta far behind, apparently flew over the incredibly beautiful city of Iquique and continued on, covering another 381 km (237 miles) for the day.

She eventually put in for the night on the plateau above the coastline and slept at around 1,284 feet elevation, possibly in the cooler updrafts coming in from the ocean. She was just 600 yards from the shoreline and about 8 km north of the city.

Her roosting site was due west of the town of Huara on the Pan-American Highway, located 38 km (23 miles) east of her.

Don McCall has noticed how consistent her flight distances have been over the last four days, covering 392, 354, 399 and 381 respectively. Steady progress with no staging behavior as yet.

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