19 April, 2015

Seriously migrating now..

Yesterday, Island Girl started to migrate in earnest. She flew 392 km (244 miles) north passing by San Antonio, Valparaiso, Quillota, Illapel and Ovalle. She has now entered some serious desert once again although there is still sparse vegetation here.

She put in SE of one of my favorite cities in Chile, La Serena, and eventually roosted on a cliff situated on a steep desert hillside at 3,658' elevation.

She is following her "inland" route as she often does in the Atacama, sleeping about 45 km (28 miles) inland from the sea.

We still don't know why she chooses this variation as it is cooler by the coastline and there would appear to be much more bird life available to her there.

Still one of the mysteries about her.....


Denny Hieronymus said...

There is a road (D-205) 41/2 miles N.W. of her roost site that is on Google Earth street view If anybody wants to see the terrain

Pacho said...

First of all, I really want to thank you for your effort.
I'm glad you're back.
I hope Island Girl gets safe home.

Bud Anderson said...

Thanks guys.
Denny, I appreciate your observation. For me, it is a delight to go to Google Earth every night and have a look at all the pictures of where she is. Really makes me feel a bit as though I am travelling with her. It is truly a most valuable program. We should send them an award or something.