07 May, 2015

Catching up here....

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay once again, but, as before, a very intensive work schedule has precluded me from writing until now.

I can say that Short-eared Owlets are the cutest owl species I have seen yet.

Back to Island Girl.

Don McCall had stopped her location data as Island Girl passed through the Lima area as we have had reports of individuals trying to catch her there. Not sure why anyone would want to do that but there you have it.

She flew 318 km (198 miles) that day and put in for the night in the dry and arid foothills (3,339' elevation), exactly due east of and only 23 km (14 miles) from the big city.

She roosted in a classic location, as usual sleeping on a ridge in between two major agricultural valleys.

Amazing how consistent she is from year to year.

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