07 May, 2015

Halfway Across the Country

She flew north along her usual and favored route, this year passing Guayaquil entirely and heading north up the central valley of the Guayas River.

She migrated another 292 km (182 miles) before stopping for the night in an area of broken forest and farmland, intermixed with old ox bow lakes and ponds. The elevation was fairly low as you might expect in the lowlands of the central valley at 497' elevation.

The huge reservoir, the Velasco Ibarra was to her south. Great hunting area, perhaps bats over the lake in the evening.

She is kind of burning up the sky. She has been migrating for just two weeks but she is already 4 days ahead of her 2014 schedule and two days in front of 2013.

Oh yeah. She is sleeping in trees once again.

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