07 May, 2015

Near Chiclayo

Island Girl flew 262 km (163 miles) on Tuesday, 29 April, reaching the coastal city of Chiclayo. She slept once again on the side of a dry desert ridge overlooking the key agricultural valleys that support her migration.

She has been roosting inland along this segment of her journey, last night about 40 km (25 miles) from the ocean.

I can only imagine that the elevation she selects, 1,684' last night) might be significantly cooler than at  a lower elevation, perhaps with breezes cooling her night.

She was not far from a huge reservoir, the Reservorio de Tinajones, just up the valley from her.

She was also near, if not within, the Reserva Ecologica Chaparri. I wonder if they know that migrant peregrines pass this way each spring and fall.

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Rob Williams said...

That is very interesting. As scientific coordinator of the Chaparri Reserve we do see migrant Peregrines pass through and winter in the reserve, as well as the resident cassini Peregrines.