29 September, 2015

Moving Slowly Through Wisconsin

Apparently Island Girl is not experiencing any drive to rush south.

She is taking her time slowly crossing the countryside of rural Wisconsin. On Monday, she traveled just 24 km (15 miles) and was now taking a more southerly bearing.

She roosted in a large woodlot of deciduous trees located in a mixed forest/agricultural area that is so typical of this part of the United States.

Her location was just 1,100' from a farmhouse on Route 52, the "Old 26 Road". Elevation was 1,611'. She was 4 miles south of the town of Antigo and 24 miles NE of Wausau, Wisconsin.

Island Girl has been generally heading towards the home of some of my friends, cinematographer Neil Rettig and producer Laura Johnson, who live near Prairie Du Chien.

I alerted them to her migration and they say that the fall foliage is quite beautiful there now so I asked Laura to send me a picture for the blog. For those fans of Island Girl from Central and South America, here is what the habitat in her area of Wisconsin looks like right now. Mixed species of trees, many in their fall colors.

Thank you to Laura and Neil for the photo.

Let's hope Island Girl flies past your house.

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Carlos said...

Hello Bud, thanks for such great Info. I'm Keeping track from Costa Rica!!
Greetings, Carlos