22 September, 2015


Island Girl remained in the same general area on Monday.

She flew only 25 km (16 miles) to the SW and roosted in an area of tundra, rocky outcroppings and lakes.

Her roost was located about 108 km (67 miles) inland from the Bay.

She may be resting or fueling up after burning lots of calories on her epic first jump.


robin robinson said...

I made this comment the other day on the last post of her northern journey, but you may have missed it.. There is a site I watch for wind weather

this is how it looked on her first day heading south. and since then the winds have been south winds, so I assume she is waiting for a more favourable north wind to head on a longer leg.

Bud Anderson said...

Hi Robin,

I will place this site on the blog too so others can check it out. Pretty nice stuff and thank you.