26 September, 2015

Taking it easy...

On Thursday, Island Girl veered a bit towards the SW as she made her way across another 52 km (32 miles) for a really short day.

I have always thought of peregrines as resting or fattening up during these periods of relative inactivity during migration.

In talking to my friend, Ken Franklin, about how quickly peregrines learn new things, we speculated about how these slow downs or stopovers could just as well be a means of familiarizing a bird with the geography and hunting opportunities available in a specific area.

We thought this might expand the ability of a falcon to recognize how to maximize its survival options involving different areas, habitats, prey species, temperatures and weather conditions.

Once again, Island Girl likely feeds on passerines in the arctic (Redpolls, Wheatears, Snow Buntings, etc.),
ducks along the Mississippi flyway, Cuckoos in Costa Rica, shorebirds and possibly large insects along the Atacama coast and a wide variety of bird species at Putu in Chile.

They have this amazing ability to utilize so many species as prey along the 9,000 mile route across the two continents.

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