03 October, 2015

Across the Gulf of Mexico

On Friday, Island Girl continued flying south through Louisiana, passing by Alexandria and Lafayette, sort of following along Highway 49. She eventually passed Interstate 210 (E-W) before arriving at the Gulf coast well to the west of the Mississippi Delta.

As she has done before, she just kept on flying.

Imagine the courage or instinct or confidence, whatever you want to call it, to just head out over open ocean on her way south. She did it earlier at Hudson Bay.

Deeply impressive.

She continued over the open water for another 128 km (80 miles) before she roosted on something out there that wasn't moving (0 mph of the midnight signal). The best assumption is an oil well of course as she was still above the relatively shallow continental shelf. It is called the Texas-Louisiana Shelf here.

She did not fly due south as she did last year at this point. Instead, she veered a bit to the SSW, perhaps an indication that she might head for Texas.

Her total distance for the day was 407 km (253 miles).

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